Precise Engineering specializes in industrial piping systems.

Solvents, highly Purified Gases (99.999%), Vacuum systems , treated and Purified Process Water, and Compressed Air, including  dry and Oil-Free, For pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical and semiconductors industries, including:

  • Solvents
  • Inert gases
  • Toxic gases
  • Explosive materials and gases
  • Vacuum
  • Medical air

Our solutions include design, implementation and validation of complete purified gases and vacuum systems. We provide:

  • Fully monitored piping & delivery systems, including:
    • Central gas supply and storage area (cylinder bank)
    • Vacuum producing equipment
    • Skids for liquids, gases, and explosive materials
    • Fully automated delivery and recovery switch, with redundancy and backup systems
    • Regulation, distribution and safety valves
    • Distribution system with properly selected piping
    • Cryogenic piping networks
    • Ventilated gas chambers for toxic gases
    • Outlet termination with wall mounted control and indication
  • Complete control systems including:
    • Pressure control
    • Monitoring equipment
    • Central and remote alarm systems and automatic safety precautions
  • Validation and inspections services, following regulations and safety standards
  • Safety measures, precautious and markings

Precise Engineering purified gas and vacuum systems are designed for quality, safety and regulatory compliance, offering long term reliability and easy maintenance while complying with environmental policies.

All our solutions incorporate validated systems, which are compliant with the latest requirements, including FAT, DQ IQ, OQ protocols and reports, and in accordance with the relevant codes and practices.

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