Precise Engineering offers design and implementation of Electrical systems.

Our comprehensive, in-house, electrical and control design capabilities facilitate complete solutions that are efficiently integrated with other facility functions.

Electrical Facilities and Control Systems

We provide full compliancy, connectivity and interlocking between the electrical boards, control boards and field instrumentation.

The electrical solutions include:

  • Complete electricity plants, fully comply with IEC 61439, IEC 60364
  • ATEX compliant plants for explosive atmosphere
  • Requirements and System configuration
  • Load calculations
  • Light intensity simulation
  • Modular switchboard design and installation
  • Distribution and end point design (lighting and power sockets)
  • Small to medium power generation stations
  • Emergency electricity feed
  • Uninterrupted power supply systems (UPS)
  • Very Low Voltage, communications and control infrastructures

Instrumentation, Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

The control system design and implementation comply with GAMP.

The complete system is validated with full compliance to the FDA CFR 211 PART 11 using Electronic signatures.

Our SCADA solutions include:

  • Industrial, flexible automation design
  • Logical Sequence Design formulation (SOO / FDS)
  • Controllers (PLC, DCU, DDC) based control systems
  • Pneumatic & solenoids boxes
  • Intrinsically safe instruments and other ATEX measures
  • Controllers configuration and programming Control panel design
  • Control software, including tailored HMI configuration and design Communication protocols implementation
  • Field instrumentation Complete system verification

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