Precise Engineering provides Oil-Free compressed Air (OFA) systems, that are installed and operating worldwide.

Our OFA systems are designed for quality and regulatory compliance (e.g. ISO8573), offering long term reliability, easy maintenance, Energy savings while complying with safety and environmental policies.

Precise Engineering OFA solutions are based on latest codes, standards and practices in use and include design, implementation, and validation of complete OFA production and network delivery system, including:

  • Air compression units
  • Storage facility
  • Drying equipment applying various drying methods
  • Filtration mechanisms
  • Regulation, distribution, and safety valves
  • Distribution system with properly selected gas piping
  • Gas outlet termination with wall mounted control
  • Redundancy for critical consumers

Our OFA solutions incorporate monitoring and control mechanisms, including DDC/PLC controller units, local and remote control system and user interface (HMI), to fully control the specific requirements such as:

  • Air pressure control
  • Dew point control
  • Redundant system functionality
  • Orderly operation of compressor
  • Central and remote alarm systems

All the solutions incorporate validated systems, compliant with the latest requirements and safety standards (pressure vessels and noise), including full compliancy with G01.

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