Precise Engineering expertise in state-of-the-art engineering services -

Design, Supervision, Implementation, Validation and Commissioning of plants, laboratories, critical systems, utilities and facilities for advanced science-based and technological industries:

Life sciences (Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical devices, Chemical, etc.), Defense and Aerospace, Optics and LASERs, Microelectronics and Nano-technology, advanced Research Institutes, with compliancy to the sever demands and standards, such as GxP.

From the very preliminary budgetary estimations and conceptual design, master plan and program matrices, through detailed design, to design-build and a full TurnKey solution, we provide a one-stop-shop Multi-Disciplinary and multiple-systems engineering solutions integrating extensive knowledge and vast experience in Regulatory, in Process engineering and in Validation, backed up by advanced analytical methods, Modeling (BIM), and 3D Super-positioning of advanced systems:

Architecture, Mechanical engineering, Electricity and Control, Process engineering and Fluid Dynamics, Industrial engineering, Energy, Bio-Medical and Biotechnological engineering.

Precise Engineering is a qualified designer for some of largest and most sophisticated global companies and international institutes.


Our experience includes design and implementation of:

  • Production facilities for the world largest Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies 
  • Production facilities and Laboratories for many Biotechnological companies dealing with stem cells, proteins, peptides, etc.
  • Large Nano-technological research center.
  • Growing facilities for transgenic vegetation, medical cannabis, herbal medicines, tissue cultures, and alike
  • Complete medical centers.
  • Ink production plants.
  • Different Laboratories – both industrial and for academic or governmental centers.
  • ISO3 to ISO9 Clean Rooms and suits with all their sub systems, according to ISO 14644.
  • Stability Rooms.
  • Controlled areas, including temperature, humidity, pressure, vibrations and acoustic control.
  • Data centers and communication rooms.
  • Animal labs and Fish labs.
  • Medical cannabis indoor growing and GMP extraction facilities.
  • HVAC systems.
  • Treated water systems - RO/DI/PW/UPW/WFI.
  • Medical gases systems, clean (oil free) compressed air, and vacuum systems.
  • Electrical facilities.
  • Instrumentation and Control Systems.
  • Clean and black Piping.
  • Sterile and Aseptic systems.
  • CIP systems.
  • Pure Steam and SIP sanitation systems.
  • Sensitive powders handling.
  • Energy centers: black steam IS, cooling and refrigeration facilities, power stations and generators.
  • Complex and sensitive fuel systems.
  • Facilities compliant with FDA, EP, USP, GAMP and cGMP.
  • Offices and administrative areas
  • BIM, Imaging and 3D design.

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