Precise Engineering Ltd. characterizes, designs, implements and validates plants, laboratories, critical systems and facilities for advanced science-based and technological industries, such as:

Life sciences (Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical devices, Chemical, etc.), Defense and Aerospace, Optics and LASERs, Microelectronics and Nano-technology, advanced Research Institutes, with full compliancy to the most sever demands and standards.


From conceptual design, master plan or program matrices, through detailed design, to design-build and a full TurnKey solution, we provide a one-stop-shop Multi-Disciplinary engineering solutions – functional design, Architecture, HVAC, Electricity and Control, Fluid Dynamics and more - integrating extensive Regulatory knowledge and vast experience in Process engineering, and Validation, backed up by advanced analytical methods.


Details about our Solutions & Systems and about our Design and other services can be found under Solutions and Services.

Our Design and Implementation Experience

  • Production facilities for the world largest Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies 
  • Production facilities and Laboratories for many Biotechnological companies dealing with stem cells, proteins, peptides, Cannabis, herbal medicines, etc.
  • Large Nano-technological research center.
  • Complete medical centers.
  • Ink production plants.
  • Different Laboratories – both industrial and for academic or governmental centers.
  • ISO3 to ISO9 Clean Rooms and suits with all their sub systems, according to ISO 14644.
  • Stability Rooms.
  • Controlled areas, including temperature, humidity, pressure, vibrations and acoustic control.
  • Data centers, computer and communication rooms.
  • Animal labs and Fish labs
  • HVAC systems.
  • Treated water systems - RO/DI/PW/UPW/WFI.
  • Medical gases systems, clean (oil free) compressed air, and vacuum systems.
  • Electrical facilities.
  • Control Systems
  • Clean and black Piping.
  • Sterile and Aseptic systems.
  • CIP systems.
  • Pure Steam and SIP sanitation systems.
  • Sensitive powders handling.
  • Energy centers: black steam IS, cooling and refrigeration facilities, power stations and generators.
  • Complex and sensitive fuel systems.
  • Facilities compliant with FDA, EP, USP, GAMP and cGMP.
  • Offices and administrative areas
  • BIM, Imaging and 3D design.

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